TNT. Vote Juan

In January 2019, several Spanish cities started their day to find streets full of posters criticizing the leaders of the main political parties, arousing the curiosity of pedestrians and public transport users.

The pieces were a part of the teaser phase of the campaign co-developed by the agencies Darwin Social Noise and El Cañonazo for the launch of the series ‘Vota Juan’, produced by TNT, starring Javier Cámara and María Pujalte, and directed by David Serrano and Víctor García León. The series comedically narrates the ups and downs of a politician who is not especially brilliant but decides to step up, and represent his party as a candidate for the presidency of the Government.

The campaign conveyed a mysterious message with no signature, but that of Juan Carrasco’s Twitter and Instagram address. A poster was drawn emulating each political party so that Juan Carrasco could not be identified with any particular party. Through this phase, the series entered into the real world political landscape, organically.

Juan Carrasco is presented as a character whose profiles on social networks were accompanied by the following claim: ‘This country is on the precipice and needs someone to take a step forward’. That, in the case of Twitter, also allowed the slogan ‘This country needs a real change’, to be the profile’s header.

The advertising campaign, created by the agencies Darwin Social Noise and El Cañonazo, began with a phase of intrigue; calling the attention of the public by indirectly alluding to real politicians with phrases such as: “I don’t talk about being a proletarian, and buy a beach house the next day”, “I wasn’t gifted a masters degree”, “I do not take “The Falcon” (a government jet) to get to festivals”, or “I do not undress for votes”. Behind them, the unique images of some of our most well-known politicians were placed further inciting curiosity.


This teaser campaign attracted the attention of all citizens, generated a buzz on social networks, and also garnered some earned media as it was even talked about through mainstream media outlets, which just bought even more attention to the provocative posters.

The mystery was resolved with a second campaign through banners, posters for the metro, MUPIS, and a bus that went through the streets of Madrid, where it was revealed that Juan Carrasco (Javier Cámara) is none other than the protagonist of the series ‘Vota Juan’, created by Diego San José (Eight Basque surnames) and Juan Cavestany (Shame), which featured 8 episodes in its first season.

After a study on political posters in Spain since the 1980s, we see that in the vast majority of cases, posters end up being vandalized or changed. As such, it was decided to change the posters of the politician Juan Carrasco, who is already presented to the public and unveiled the mystery of the campaign.

The color chosen for the posters needed to avoid being associated with any political party, so the most obvious colors were discarded, and the logo had to convey a feeling of being “home-made”, not made by professionals, to go in accordance with the series themes.

It was in this phase, when the campaign was made visible with a bus, campaign posters and the face of Juan Carrasco was revealed in all networks, which until then was hidden.


In the context of this strategy, social networks have played a very important role, especially Twitter, which is the social network wherein most of the political conversation in Spain takes place. Therefore, we deliberately played with social networks to make the main character of the series publish messages related to political news, generating the reaction of journalists, politicians and users in general, which helped us in the teaser phase; effectively creating intrigue and and in the promotional phase, notoriety for the character and for the series.

Thus, throughout its broadcast, the series generated a lot of conversation on social networks, and the audience interacted with the transmedia content generated. And during the broadcast of the episodes, the networks provided added value via a second screen to the content of the series, playing with the digital personality of the character Juan Carrasco, to the point that the actor Javier Cámara himself came to communicate with Juan Carrasco from his social networks (this detail was also planned).

The hashtags generated in this campaign became trending topics on 5 different occasions. 9,000 mentions were obtained and several non-contracted influencers interacted with the different profiles.

The results were beyond expectations. Vota Juan was crowned as the second best premiere in the history of TNT. Its first episode reached an audience of 294,000 viewers on TNT, from the night of its premiere and during the seven days after its broadcast. We are proud to say that both the series and its advertising campaign has attracted the attention of the public and the advertising sector, with unanimous adoration.