A group to meet more often

Somewhere in the corner of our cell phones we have a chat group full of memories that filled us with joy, yet long ago became inactive. It's time to turn those groups into "A group to meet more often".

The Partners Book

In the advertising world, finding the perfect agency can be like searching for truffles in a dense forest.


At a time when the saturation of experiences and the daily routine can make special moments fleeting, people are looking for experiences that leave a lasting impression on their lives.

It’s time to deconstruct

It’s time to deconstruct

For the global launch of this new Cosentino collection, we created an international campaign for more than 30 countries. This is the first job we did for the brand after winning an international competition.

Cosentino City, digital spaces of inspiration

Portada Consentino City

15 showrooms in 12 different countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and in 7 different languages. How do you get the same brand identity and social media content that speaks to everyone?

EDP: Digital Performance


For EDP, a leading brand in the energy sector, good communication in these channels is invaluable.

The power of content

Club Pasión Habanos

The 'faster' generation, a label linked to contemporary society, lives under constant acceleration, driven by technological evolution.

Darwin & Verne Rebranding


There is Darwin in everything. In everything, there is Verne. This was the starting point for the strategic positioning and rebranding of Darwin & Verne

Sanitas bluaU

Darwin & Verne was responsible for designing the brand's entire communication strategy and carrying out the entire launch campaign.

“I love you, Sport”

For the new strategic and creative positioning of Diario As, we launched the campaign "Deporte, te amo" ("Sport, I love you"), the result of several months of joint work between the client's teams and our agency.