La Sobremesa slows us down


La generación 'faster', una etiqueta representativa de la sociedad contemporánea, vive bajo una
aceleración constante, impulsada por la evolución tecnológica.

‘The Liberators’, LIBERA project

There are projects that aim to make a better world, such as the LIBERA Project and our latest work for them, the “LIBERATORS” reputation and repositioning campaign.

The power of content

Club Pasión Habanos

The 'faster' generation, a label linked to contemporary society, lives under constant acceleration, driven by technological evolution.

“I love you, Sport”

For the new strategic and creative positioning of Diario As, we launched the campaign "Deporte, te amo" ("Sport, I love you"), the result of several months of joint work between the client's teams and our agency.

TNT. Vote Juan

vota juan tnt

The campaign transmitted a mysterious message whose only signature was Juan Carrasco's Twitter and Instagram address.

Pibank Launch Campaign

The new mortgage campaign for Pibank was developed in the summer, taking advantage of the current soccer transfer market.

El País. Icon

"You are many men, they are all in ICON" is the concept around which this campaign revolved, featuring a fictitious casting, orchestrated by actress Cristina Plazas.