We knocked off the Disney+ community manager to announce the new season of Only Murders in the Building

To promote the launch of the second season of Only Murders in the Building, we proposed a transmedia campaign on the platform’s social media. To do so, we turned its Instagram feed into the “Disney+ Building”, a peculiar block of flats where each resident is a huge fan of one of the platform’s universes (Star Wars, National Geographic, Pixar, etc.). The building is also the scene of a crime: the murder of the Disney+ Community Manager.

Like the series, the characters come across the corpse and begin to investigate by developing their own podcast: in this case, through a takeover of Disney+ Spain’s Twitter feed, where 6 episodes were broadcast analysing key aspects of the case and clues were released to solve the crime. The campaign used the voices of the original dubbing artists.

Users had to interview suspects and poke around their homes through IG carousels, solve puzzles on TikTok, listen to mini-podcasts on Twitter and cross-reference the different clues found on social media to work towards the solution and rule out suspects. This was a plot full of twists and turns whose solution had a grand prize: a trip to New York for two, where fans could get a close-up look at the Arconia building, the main setting of the original series.

For the creation and design of all the characters in the campaign, as well as the materials and pieces, we boasted the collaboration of Laura Pérez from Valencia, the original illustrator of the series’ credits. On the other hand, Modesto García (author of Crímenes ilustrados) collaborated with the creative team to develop the plot, where the aim was to come up with a storyline in which every little detail was essential.

The campaign also included a teaser phase in which Disney’s own channels (Disney+, Star Wars, Marvel, FOX, etc.) were used to create buzz on Twitter about the CM’s disappearance. An animated video was also launched on social media to raise awareness of the campaign and call for participation.


Data sheet:

Agency: Darwin & Verne
Advertiser: Disney+
Product: Solo Asesinatos en el Edificio Temporada 2
Client contacts: David Ramos, Alejandra Ducali, Alejandra Navarro, Javier Oliveros, Alberto de Santiago
CEO Darwin & Verne: Ignacio Huidobro
Creative President: Carlos Sanz de Andino
Accounts Manager: Carolina Cerro
Creative Directors: Pablo Caraballo, Gonzalo Calvo
Audiovisual production team: María Jiménez y José Luis Mancilla
Artist-Illustrator: Laura Pérez
Plot development: Modesto García, Gonzalo Calvo y Pablo Caraballo
Title: “Solo Asesinatos en Disney+”
Pieces: Campaña transmedia en RRSS, Feed no convencional en IG, Pódcast (takeover en Twitter), vídeo para RRSS, acción con influencers