It’s time to deconstruct

It’s time to deconstruct

For the global launch of this new Cosentino collection, we created an international campaign for more than 30 countries. This is the first job we did for the brand after winning an international competition.

La Sobremesa slows us down


La generación 'faster', una etiqueta representativa de la sociedad contemporánea, vive bajo una
aceleración constante, impulsada por la evolución tecnológica.

‘The Liberators’, LIBERA project

There are projects that aim to make a better world, such as the LIBERA Project and our latest work for them, the “LIBERATORS” reputation and repositioning campaign.

Cosentino designs a sustainable future

At Cosentino, sustainability is materialised, it becomes physical. It extracts its stones from the bowels of the earth and processes them in an ecosystem where water is scarce. Sustainability is not an aspiration: it is its reality. The sustainability campaign reflects a genuine commitment to environmental responsibility.

We knocked off the Disney+ community manager to announce the new season of Only Murders in the Building

portada matamos al community manager de disney

To promote the launch of the second season of Only Murders in the Building, we proposed a transmedia campaign on the platform’s social media. To do so, we turned its Instagram feed into the “Disney+ Building”, a peculiar block of flats where each resident is a huge fan of one of the platform’s universes (Star Wars, National Geographic, Pixar, etc.). The building is also the scene of a crime: the murder of the Disney+ Community Manager.

Cosentino’s purpose: meaningful design to inspire people’s lives

Brands are not just a response to people's needs. Consumers, who used to make choices based on price and quality, now want something more: to connect with the values and vision of the company. The why behind the product. Cosentino makes countertops, floors and façades that hide a purpose as beautiful as its marbles. Bringing it to light was the challenge we set ourselves at Darwin & Verne.

‘Reboxing’, the sustainable alternative to Ecoembes Unboxing

portada reboxing

In Spain alone, 23.8 million people shopped online last year, generating millions of kilos of cardboard needing to be recycled in blue bins. To reinforce waste sorting for cardboard, we carried out an online campaign with Ecoembes that generated real traction.

Pibank Launch Campaign

The new mortgage campaign for Pibank was developed in the summer, taking advantage of the current soccer transfer market.