Sky. Instagram filter for the premiere of the Chernobyl TV series

For the premiere of the Chernobyl TV series on the Sky platform, the Darwin Social Noise agency designed an Instagram filter which allowed users to design their stories with a gas mask, like the ones they used in the Ukrainian Nuclear power plant following the accident which occurred there in 1986. 


The five-episode TV mini-series recreates the history of the 1986 nuclear accident, one of the worst ever man-made disasters. The drama stars Jared Harris playing the leading role as Valery Legasov, a brilliant nuclear physicist; Stellan Skarsård, who plays the Soviet Deputy Prime Minister, Boris Shcherbina, and Emily Watson in the role of Ulana Khomyuk, a nuclear physicist who is determined to solve the mystery of the cause of the accident.

All episodes of the series are available on-demand and with the option to download them on Sky.


Data sheet:

Agency: Darwin & Verne
Advertiser: Sky España
Product: Chernobyl
Client contacts: Alejandra Recasens, Juan Luis Álvarez y Noa Rodríguez
Executive Creative Director: Óscar Moreno
Creative Team: Kiko Martínez y Raquel Millán
General Director: Alberto Martínez
Design Director: César Bertazzo y Mar Roca
Content Team: Bel Rodríguez y Raúl Labrador
Accounts team: Inés Crespo y Julia García