‘Reboxing’, the sustainable alternative to Ecoembes Unboxing

E-commerce keeps growing. In Spain alone, 23.8 million people shopped online last year, generating millions of kilos of cardboard needing to be recycled in blue bins.

To reinforce waste sorting for cardboard, we carried out an online campaign with Ecoembes that generated real traction. On the basis of impact including more than 46 billion views on TikTok for Unboxing, we decided to encourage the principal players – influencers – to replace it with something much more sustainable: Reboxing. An improved version of Unboxing that includes one last step – the most important one – at the end of the process: folding and refolding cardboard and placing it in the blue bin.

The campaign, which ran on social media with the collaboration of several influencers, included a teaser phase on Instagram Stories, where dozens of influencers, like Michenlo, ModaJustCoco and Telmo Trenado, said that they would no longer be doing any more Unboxings, thus generating interest and uncertainty among their followers. Days later, they revealed through Reels that they had decided to replace Unboxings with Reboxings. This content was viewed 1.5 million times.

At the same time, we ran an organic reach challenge on TikTok, which was joined by more than a dozen TikTokers and achieved 2.7 million views. TikTokers like Jorge Amor and Jia Jun showed their followers that Reboxing is really easy and can be done hands-free, using any other part of the body to fold and refold boxes.

Elsewhere, on YouTube, the campaign featured two pre-rolls about Reboxing that were broadcast in segments with content related to unboxings and online shopping reviews. We also created a special campaign with displays on platforms like Amazon, including personalised and segmented messages based on the time of purchase.

Overall, the campaign content achieved more than 11 million views between pre-roll videos, social media campaign and influencers, with more than 30.5 million page views, representing more than 147,000 interactions.


ecoembes reboxing


Data sheet:

Agency: Darwin & Verne
Advertiser: Ecoembes
Product: Campaña contenedor azul (papel y cartón)
Client contacts: Samuel Muñoz, Susana Revuelta, Nieves Rey
CEO: Alberto Martínez
Creative Directors: Pablo Caraballo, Gonzalo Calvo
Art direction and creativity: Aurora Asencio, Trinidad Vilchez y Ángela Serrano
CEO: Alberto Martínez
Accounts team: Sara García Toledo y María Hermida Iglesias
Producer: Andrea Rosenschein y María Jiménez
Audiovisual Production: José Luis Mancilla, Miguel Ferrer y Daniel Romero
Illustrator: Espinaca Explosival
Media Agency: Ymedia Wink
Pieces: Redes sociales, display y vídeo online