Our life is full of important steps, relevant moments that represent a before and after in our path, that make us grow.

Sanitas, through its #BluaU complement, began in 2016 a pioneering path in its commitment to digital medicine with the launch of the video consultation, with the aim of offering its customers, wherever they are, the best service and support. And, since then, it has continued to take firm and constant steps incorporating new services, which have led it to be today one of the most advanced digital health ecosystems in the prevention and treatment of health.

To publicize its digital journey, Sanitas launched, with our help, a multimedia campaign, with presence on television, print, outdoor and digital media, under the slogan "Take the step".

The spot shows different steps that represent different moments in our lives, as Sanitas has been doing over the years. And the advances in digital medicine offered by #BluaU: video consultation in all medical specialties, digital health programs, Monitor your health, Measure your vital signs and Take care of your mind, to which is now added the new digital Physio service, thanks to which its customers, in addition to having a face-to-face consultation with a professional, have access to a digital monitoring, which with the incorporation of AI, helps them in their rehabilitation process or to prevent possible injuries.

The campaign aimed to convey that every step Sanitas takes is to offer its customers the best face-to-face and digital medical care.

Data sheet

Agency: Darwin &Verne
Advertiser: Sanitas
Product: Seguros de salud
Client contacts: Luisa F. Escribano, Marina Rosas, María Lujo, Joan Miró, Alfonso Masedo y Gema García.
Creative President: Carlos Sanz de Andino
General Manager: Alberto Martínez
Director of Business Excellence: Javier Alejandre
Accounts team: Carolina Cerro, Marina Cerviño
Creative Team: Alicia Vilches, Trini Vilchez, Adrián Benito
Head of Audiovisual Production: Paula Hinojosa
Production Company: Antiestático