Strategies for the cookie-free era

In today's dynamic digital landscape, the value of 1st party data is constantly on the rise. We cannot underestimate the importance of cultivating relationships with users who are genuinely interested in interacting and engaging with our brands. This approach has become even more crucial in an environment where cookie restrictions pose significant challenges to tracking and analyzing audience engagement.

In response to this challenge, tools like Xeerpa emerge as key pieces in the digital puzzle. As a data enrichment solution that leverages social logins to capture valuable information, Xeerpa makes it easy for agencies and brands to gain a deep understanding of their users' preferences and behaviors. In addition, by integrating engagement buttons into the client's own channels, this first party data solution drives the acquisition, analysis and activation of high quality data.

For companies such as Sportian (La Liga Tech), the strategy is clear: integrate login buttons through social platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitch and Apple into their registration process. To achieve this, they use Xeerpa, leveraging the potential of social networks through single sign-on (SSO) technology on their website, apps, promotions and OTT. This allows them to collect more than 400 attributes of first-party data from each follower, which helps them understand their individual preferences, affinities and lifestyle, thus building more comprehensive follower profiles than ever before.

Thanks to this information, Sportian (La Liga Tech) significantly improves its audience segmentation and qualification capabilities, achieving impressive results in terms of fan engagement and return on investment (ROI). For example, they have achieved increases of up to +125% in open rates in email marketing campaigns, a 60% increase in CTR, and savings of up to €1.46 million by 2021.

However, simply capturing data is not enough; personalization remains the cornerstone of successful customer communication. It is essential to understand the individual needs of each user and adapt strategies accordingly. In this sense, communication agencies with such consolidated and effective strategies as Darwin & Verne play a key role. Their expertise in message and creative personalization adds the final touch to close the message activation cycle in an ideal way. Thanks to their ability to thoroughly understand consumer psychology and tailor messages to their specific needs, these agencies are able to generate a genuine emotional connection with the audience.

This not only strengthens the bond between the brand and its followers, but also increases the likelihood of conversion and long-term loyalty. Ultimately, without this crucial element of activation, even the best segmentation and data collection would fall short of truly impacting the user and generating meaningful results.

It is important to recognize that cookie constraints are not simply obstacles, but opportunities in disguise. Transforming these limitations into a strategy focused on obtaining higher quality data and depth of analysis can make all the difference in an ever-evolving digital environment. By leveraging brand-owned data, companies can deliver more personalized experiences and ultimately drive higher conversion. In short, in a cookie-less world, innovation and adaptation are the key to thriving and standing out in the minds of consumers.