If nature could speak...


Under the concept "If nature could speak...", the campaign uses an ironic and sarcastic tone to raise public awareness, placing nature at the center. A resource that raises a much deeper insight: Do we leave "Basuraleza" because of comfort or lack of education or because no one complains?

Through everyday situations, we show that if nature could speak, it would ask us not to pollute it. In the key of absurd humor dialogues, the campaign seeks to generate notoriety and reinforce the message: a crab on the beach, a robin in the bush or a turtle in the sea show the colors of those who litter their habitats.


Agency: Darwin & Verne
Media Agency: iProspect
Advertiser: SEO/BirdLife y Ecoembes.
Product: Proyecto LIBERA.
Client contact (Ecoembes): Miriam Caba, Sara Güemes, Elena López y Nieves Rey.
Client contact (Seo BirdLife): Miguel Muñoz
General Manager: Alberto Martínez.
Creative President: Carlos Sanz de Andino.
Creative Directors: Pablo Caraballo y Gonzalo Calvo.
Creative Team: Jesús López, Gerard Andreu, Paco Reverte y Miguel Ángel Campillejo.
Brand Manager: Ivet Honorato.
Brand Executive: Julia García.
Title: Si la naturaleza hablara.
Pieces: 11 pills, digital wedge, graphics and activation in social media.