Spoilers for understanding Generation Z in 2022

The first trend study co-created from inside our generation.

Spoilers for understanding Generation Z

The first trend study co-created from inside our generation.

What trends will surprise us in 2022?


What are the behavioural changes that will affect communications?


What does Generation Z think of all this?


The main trends and demands young people are making of brands

hese spoilers have been sourced from the work and testimony of over 200 young people from the Mazinn Crew, our community of Zs with the aim of transforming zombie brands.

Spoiler #1

“Playing” in the new market: NFTs, cryptos and play-to-earn games.

Spoiler #2

Breaking physical limits… and human limits? Avatars in virtual reality.


Spoiler #3

The economy of communities.

Spoiler #4

The total blackout – digital extremists.

Spoiler #5

Memes, trends and entertainment as our key filter.

Spoiler #6

Discord as a meeting point.


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