Cosentino City, digital spaces of inspiration


15 showrooms in 12 different countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and in 7 different languages. How do you get the same brand identity and social media content that speaks to everyone?

Showrooms that the architecture and design firm Cosentino has all over the world are called City. Along the best avenues of the main cities, City are luxurious spaces where you can immerse yourself in a universe of textures, veins, widths, a thousand shades and nuances. In the City, the firm meets with clients and architects. And at its events, it anticipates the sector’s main trends.

Cosentino asked Darwin & Verne to create its own visual identity for the social media profiles of all the Cosentino City. They wanted these to be easily identifiable as a brand in their own right, on the same level as their other product brands, Silestone, Dekton or Sensa. The aim was also to elevate the brand: for Cosentino City to talk about luxury, expertise and dissemination on their social networks the same way as it does in showrooms. 

How to transfer the City’s personality from a PHYSICAL to a DIGITAL environment?

It was indeed a complex proposition, involving 15 cities, from 12 different countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and in 7 different languages. 

At Darwin & Verne, we proposed to do this through two lines of action. One is aesthetic and the other is content. For the former, we chose a cleaner and more refined image on their social networks, Instagram and LinkedIn. Less corporate, more design.

To do this, we took existing graphic elements and put them to new uses. Like lines, which ceased to serve exclusively for framing and became a common thread to immerse oneself in Instagram’s content feed. 

The lines interact with each other and guide the viewer through the information, without adding graphic weight or clutter. And, as they move, they create geometric shapes that we use to identify different sections, such as an events calendar, or the month’s highlights.

The second line of action was content. In this case, we gave shape to monthly content sections in which we talked about architectural trends, icons that created a school or curiosities of the sector. Or, as we like to say, sophisticate the brand without talking about the brand, through interesting, quality content in a highly palatable editorial format.

A content plan versatile enough to be published in markets as diverse as Tokyo or Malaga, which in turn is linked to other deeply local materials developed ad hoc for each City according to the needs of each one. 

Like enjoying a magazine, but in carousel format.

So far this first issue has been published. The second is already under-way. 


Data sheet

General Manager: Alberto Martínez
Director of Business Excellence: Javier Alejandre
Brand Manager: Jorge Martín
Brand Executive: Raquel Ruiz
Creative Director: Alicia Vilches
Content Director: Bel Rodríguez
Content writers: Maria Noval-Quilez, Ignacio Bazarra
Video editor: Miguel Ferrer