Paradores invites us to Dream Again this Spring

Isabel Allende, the world’s best-selling living author in Spanish, published her latest novel in January. And her publisher, Plaza & Janés, asked us to help with the launch, with two goals in mind: creating interest in the highly-saturated publishing market and making an impact on potential new readers.

Reading Violeta and getting to know the protagonist, a woman who writes a letter to her grandson in which she recounts her life spanning the most important historic moments of the last century, made it clear to us what the theme of the launch content would be: the world is full of stories from anonymous women, such as Violeta, that deserve to be told.

We started with a Twitter initiative by Guud, a Darwin & Verne partner, with the ‘RT to reminder’ format: everyone who retweeted the tweet designed to promote the novel would receive a reminder with an e-commerce link on the day of its launch.

The digital campaign included an initiative related to 8 March giving visibility to real stories of anonymous people who spoke about inspirational women in their lives: mothers, grandmothers, role models in different fields… True stories collected in the street and presented by TikToker Ángeles Fernández, which were made into a video and graphic pieces for social media.

These specific initiatives were complemented by an Always On content campaign for social media, with posts in relation to special days such as Valentine’s Day, and a strong paid campaign that has helped to keep Violeta at the top of the fiction best-seller list in Spain for several weeks now. Violeta, desde hace varias semanas, en los primeros puestos de la lista de los libros de ficción más vendidos de España. 





Data sheet:

Agency: Darwin & Verne
Advertiser: Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial / Plaza & Janés
Product: lanzamiento de ‘Violeta’/ Acción 8 de marzo
Client contacts: Ana Pérez
Executive Chairman: Miguel Pereira
Accounts team: Sara García Toledo y Álvaro Gutiérrez
Content Director: Bel Rodríguez
Content Team: Cristina Sanchón
Audiovisual Production Director: María Jiménez
Producer: Be Part
Pieces: vídeo (TikTok e IG), stories y social ads.