Ibercaja. “The Deterrents”


What If you wanted to buy a house and we sat you down with a group of people to test your hopes? Would you change your mind? Would your arguments or would your desire to acquire a home be stronger? 

With this theme in mind we developed Ibercaja’s new mortgage campaign.

The action is based on a social reality: the Spanish population is divided between those who defend having property and those who think that renting is a better option. Each of the two sides habitually use arguments that they consider irrefutable.

Considering this endless debate, Ibercaja launched a qualitative study between people who are for “buying a house”, with the intention of finding out their main arguments for convincing themsselves, and to discourage their acquaintances who wanted to buy.

Simultaneously, a search was launched for different profiles of people who had already applied for a mortgage, or who were about to do so. Once the candidates were chosen, they were summoned to an address and told the conditions of Ibercaja from a commercial. On the day of the appointment, however, upon arriving at the agreed address to close the deals, they found was something very different. They met with “The deterrents.”

Based on all the arguments obtained in the research phase, the agency developed open scripts that were delivered to a group of actors who acted as “deterrents” pointing out to potential buyers all the cons that their initiative entailed.

After the conversations, a commercial from Ibercaja would appear before astonished buyers and ask them if they had reconsidered their decision. Their answers showed that the hopes of owning a home prevailed over any other argument.