Proyecto LIBERA, de SEO/BirdLife en alianza con Ecoembes

1m2 against the littersphere 2022

The month of June is once again time for “1m2 against the littersphere”, the great collaborative clean-up of litter that the LIBERA Project, led by SEO/BirdLife in conjunction with Ecoembes, organises each year to “free” nature from the litter that others have left behind.

The sixth edition of this large-scale public mobilisation aims to raise awareness among all members of society of the importance of conserving our natural spaces. The initiative features an advertising campaign which, like last year, was designed by Darwin & Verne as part of our agency’s continued collaboration with the advertiser. Under the slogan “Wherever you are, what’s important is being there”, the campaign highlights the work done thus far thanks to this great collaborative effort, but reminds us of the importance of continuing on, drawing a parallel between the crucial point in which people find themselves and that of the fight against the littersphere, a word roughly translated from the Spanish “basuraleza”, or “litter in nature”.

“The fight against the littersphere has spread far and wide. It’s stood up for what gives us life: the conservation of nature. It’s enabled us to change the world, without changing ecosystems. And to protect what we’ll leave behind: a planet without a littersphere. 1m2 has indeed gone far, but more are needed. Start your collection point at Because wherever you are, what’s important is being there”, affirms one of the pieces that make up the campaign
for digital environments and print media. In addition to this manifesto, three other pills segmented by audience make the call to get off the couch or out of the office and go out and clean up the littersphere, as opposed to the passive activism that seems to prevail today.

According to the V Observatorio de la basuraleza (the 5th Observatory on the Littersphere), carried out by More Than Research for LIBERA*, 67% of Spaniards believe that the main reason for littering is carelessness. However, Spaniards are increasingly aware of the importance of collecting this rubbish. In fact, according to the same survey, the first reaction of citizens when they see a scrap of litter in a natural setting is to pick it up, even if it has been left there by others. This figure is more than seven points higher than in the previous edition. This is the premise – collecting litter and raising awareness – of the new edition of “1m2 against the littersphere”, the great national collective effort to draw attention to this issue and clean up litter from natural spaces.

About Darwin & Verne and the LIBERA Project

Darwin & Verne started working for the LIBERA Project in 2021 and since then, we have continued to work both for this brand from SEO/BirdLife in alliance with Ecoembes, and for Ecoembes itself.

With the last “1m2 against the littersphere” campaign, more than 11,000 volunteers participated in collections in 1,100 natural areas throughout the country, which resulted in a grand total of 114 tonnes of abandoned rubbish collected from land, river and marine environments across all the provinces in Spain. In this fifth edition, local organisations and associations pitched in, such as Oceánidas, the Red Cross, Hombre y Territorio and Adenex (320 points); town and city councils (223); individuals (183); companies (138); schools and colleges (53); regional administration agencies (49) and other groups (64).



Data sheet:

Agency: Darwin & Verne
Advertiser: Proyecto LIBERA, de SEO/BirdLife en alianza con Ecoembes
Product: Organización medioambiental
Client contacts: Sara Güemes y Miriam Caba
CEO: Alberto Martínez
Accounts team: Andrea Gayo y María Hermida
Creative Team: Pablo Caraballo y Gonzalo Calvo
Head of Audiovisual Production: María Jiménez
Producer: RedWood
Director: Nuria Tolós
Title: “Lo importante es estar»
Pieces: 4 píldoras de vídeo para digital, gráfica, digital y social media