Carlitos & Julio release their next number: “Bótanos”


At the height of the electoral campaign, our virtual artists Carlitos & Julio have released a new song, ‘Bótanos’, where they poke fun at the upcoming municipal and regional elections in a reflection on the general tedium and social disenchantment with the political class.

‘Bótanos’, a play on the Spanish for “vote for us”, is the second song and first from our artists with a “political bent”, now available on Spotify and YouTube. The music itself, from the producer Quaiko, has an urban vibe with the merengue and reggaeton feel lending it some tropical Latin roots. The half-sung, half-rapped chanteos offer up an original political awareness with a healthy dose of irony. 

In ‘Bótanos’, Carlitos & Julio present themselves as the best choice for the 28th May election, ones in which, given the general social disenchantment with the political class, it would be better to “kick out” than “pick out”. “Carlitos and Julio, this is your coalition, kick us hard, there’s no opposition…. Why call them elections if there’s no good pick, not one party that deserves my tick…. I’m buying nothing from you, I feel no desire, you just feed the circus, hearing you makes me tired,” go some of the lyrics.

The feel of this up-to-the-minute merengue also has some roots of its very own. Taking inspiration from videos like “Suavemente” by Elvis Crespo or “Neverita” by Bad Bunny, the video clip was produced using different techniques, among them artificial intelligence and digital collage. An image pitched halfway between nostalgic and brand new really suits the nature of these artists who, as they explain, have spent “3 centuries playing”.

To back up the song’s release, posters have been plastered alongside those of the different political candidates, with nods to their slogans and parties in the titles. What’s more, Carlitos & Julio have joined the conversation on the elections in Twitter and launched their own TikTok channel.

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Data sheet

Agency: Darwin & Verne
Client: Darwin & Verne
Campaign: ‘Carlitos & Julio – Bótanos’
General Director: Alberto Martínez
General Creative Director: Carlos Sanz de Andino
Creative Directors: Gonzalo Calvo y Pablo Caraballo
Content Director: Bel Rodríguez
Head of content: Cristina Sanchón
Composition:: Gonzalo Calvo y Pablo Caraballo
Instrumental production and composition: Quaiko
Mix & master: Quaiko
Voices: Pablo Caraballo
Producer: Visual Noise
Audiovisual production: José Luis Mancilla, Miguel Ferrer y Manuel Ojedo
Recording studio: Cero Studios