Billionhands, the search engine that puts millions of discounts at your fingertips

The start-up company “Billionhands“, founded by Nicolás Luca de Tena, launches its first advertising campaign with Darwin & Verne. Our agency has worked on all phases of the project, branding, strategic thinking, positioning and the advertising campaign. The advertising action is developed on television, radio and digital formats, from 8 June.

One of the consequences of the lockdown has been the increase in online purchases (87% according to Nielsen) and as a result, the strengthening of a new consumer profile: those known as billioner or intelligent buyers, who seek the best prices and discounts on their purchases. It is in this new socioeconomic context in which Billionhands is presented, the first discount search engine for all types of products and services, both for digital and physical stores. billioner o comprador inteligente, que busca los mejores precios y descuentos en sus adquisiciones. Es en este nuevo contexto socioeconómico donde se presenta Billionhands, el primer buscador de descuentos para todo tipo de productos y servicios, tanto para la tienda digital como física.

“Billionhands, the search engine that puts millions of discounts at your fingertips” is the umbrella concept under which the whole campaign is developed in which we present this start up to the public. This work is supported by radio and television advertising by well-known professionals from both media. At Darwin Social Noise we have designed three creations (Sherlock, Mother and Pig) adapted to each media and which will be released throughout the month of June 2020.

Using wit and humour, the campaign shows that looking for the best discount without Billionhands is like looking for something at home without asking your mother, like Sherlock Holmes looking for the culprit without the help of Watson or like looking for truffles with a sick truffle hog.

20” pieces


10” pieces


Data sheet:

Agency: Darwin & Verne
Advertiser: Billionhands
Product: Buscador de descuentos
Brand: Billionhands
Client contacts: Carlota Medina de Toro, Natalia García Velilla y Guillermo Puig
CEO: Nacho Huidobro
Creative President: Carlos Sanz de Andino
Creative supervisors: Pablo Caraballo y Gonzalo Calvo
Creative team: Javier López y Miguel Angel Mengs
Development Manager: Juan Villanueva
Accounts team: Laura Berenguer y Marina Pereyra
Executive Creative Director: Cesar Bertazzo
Design Team: César Bertazzo Accounts Tea Andrés Velasco y Mar Roca
Audiovisual Production Director (agency): María Jiménez
Audiovisual production team: Andrea Rosenschein
Producer: Be Sweet Films
Executive Producer: Juan San Román
Producer: Celia Esteban
Director: Alberto Gastesi
DOP: Tulio Ferreira
Editing and Post-production: Miguel Ángel Muriel
Sound in Shooting: La panadería
Postproducción de Sonido: The Lobby
Pieces: 3 spots 20” y versiones de 10”, radio y digital
Títulos: ‘Sherlock’, ‘Madre’ y ‘Cerdo’