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The Paradores network is a fantastic option for enjoying the summer holidays, thanks to the facilities and services offered at each of its establishments and in the surroundings where they are located. It all makes for a unique experience where summer becomes something extraordinary and unforgettable. 

Our new Paradores campaign highlights the unforgettable experience that the company invites us to this summer. This time it’s by the Spanish painter and illustrator Fernando Vicente. It is a dual facet that the artist combines to perfection, reflected in the piece that presides over this campaign: the dreamlike image of a female figure with blue eyes and wavy red hair. 

The woman’s upper torso is covered with an idyllic landscape featuring a parador perched on top of a cliff overlooking the beach. Clouds tattoo her face, completing the setting in which we can also see the protagonist herself doing cycle tourism… a surrealist-inspired image in which the curls of her hair are turned into waves while she sports tattoos with floral and marine motifs on her arms. The piece can be seen in conventional print and digital media.

A self-taught artist from Madrid

Fernando Vicente was born in Madrid in November 1963. Self-taught, his first works as an illustrator were published in the early eighties, in the midst of the Madrid movida, in magazines such as Madriz and La luna de Madrid. In 1991 he received the Laus Prize for illustration. From 1999 to the present day, he has published regularly in the El País newspaper and its various supplements, with special importance being given to his contributions to the cultural journal Babelia. This work has earned him three Awards of Excellence from the Society for News Design. 

Fernando Vicente’s work as a painter is characterised by the constant presence of the human figure combined with other elements the artist has collected throughout his life. Thus, of the four main series that group together his pictorial oeuvre, Anatomías, is painted on maps, Atlas on mechanical workshop plates and Vánitas and Venus on anatomical plates.

Cartel Paradores Verano 23


Agency: Darwin & Verne
Advertiser: Paradores
Product:  Summer 2023 Campaign
Client contacts: Fernando García and Cristina Martín
Creative President: Carlos Sanz de Andino
General Manager: Ignacio Huidobro
Accounts Director: María Hermida
Accounts team: Andrea Gayo
Creative direction: Alicia Vilches and Pablo Mendoza
Illustrator: Fernando Vicente
Title: An Unforgettable Summer
Pieces: Graphics, website, print, display and social media.

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