“TOCK-TICK” New spot from Ruavieja.


Pernod Ricard





Audiovisual production


Ruavieja invites us to forget about time and slow our life down enjoying a “sobremesa” in this spot from Darwin&Verne and Be Sweet Films.

Many people know what the “spanish siesta” is… but there is another concept in the spanish culture that is more important and that’s “la sobremesa”. 

Instead of sleeping after lunch, most of the spaniards (mainly on weekends) stay around the table chatting for hours, regardless of the time. Various artists have used this concept in their art, from Velázquez to C.Tangana, this latest using the concept of “la sobremesa” in his NPR’s Tiny Desk session and world tour.

The famous Spanish liquor brand Ruavieja proposes “la sobremesa” as a place to forget about the fast-paced world we live in and to highlight the importance of slowing down and spending quality time with your people. The campaign seeks to encourage people inviting them to disconnect from their super fast paced life, in order to connect with their loved ones and create memorable moments.

The spot shows a range of multiple situations that shows the faster generation in which we live: from multitasking, the consumption of media based just on the headlines, FOMO, the acceleration of multimedia content, to the fast-love industry, among others. 

This kind of life we live affects in our mental health, we know we cannot speed life down but we have this unique moment that can help us fight, “la sobremesa”  becomes the perfect scenario for us to invite people to slow down and enjoy the present moment with no rush.

Download materials here:  https://darwinverne.fromsmash.com/Ruavieja-PR-June

Link to the vimeo spot in English: — https://vimeo.com/832549977/591854a0eb


Client: Pernod Ricard
Brand: Ruavieja
Client Team: María Prados, Elma García, Pía Amuchástegui, Javi de la Vara
Agency: Darwin & Verne
Creative President: Carlos Sanz de Andino
General Director: Alberto Martínez
Creative Directors: Pablo Mendoza y Juan Vargas
Account Director: Ana Hidalgo
Account Manager: Nora Ormaetxea
Agency Producer: Paula Hinojosa
Content Director: Bel Rodríguez
Content Team: Cristina Sanchón
Strategist: Helena Álvarez & Alba Mulero
Production Company: BeSweet
Director: Guillermo Madurga
Executive Producer: Juan San Román
Producer: Celia Esteban
DOP: Octavio Arias
Music: José Battaglio
Colour: Xavi Santolaya

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