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The digital newspaper El Confidencial reinforces its positioning as an independent media in its new image campaign designed by Darwin & Verne.

El Confidencial positions itself as an independent medium outside the influences of ideologies or economic and pressure groups by means of a brand image campaign, in which readers are invited to question their own independence when seeking information under the concept We are independent. And you?

At Darwin & Verne we devised this campaign as a manifesto of journalistic independence aimed at readers of any ideology, but who are looking for information that is not biased by any interest, through reflections such as: ”We are those who believe that having an ideology is compatible with having our own ideas”, or “We are those who think that ‘everyone says so’ is not a reliable source”, or ”We are those who when we hear left against right, or right against left, the word we least identify with is ‘against’“

The communication strategy takes the form of short (10”) digital videos – produced by Visual Noise, our in-house production company – accompanied by a long (1′) piece, as well as digital banners, social media pieces, and radio commercials.

In addition to the redesigned website, the newspaper has launched a subscription offer of €59 per year, seeking the support of subscribers to further strengthen its independence. 

Darwin & Verne was chosen to work with El Confidencial following a multi-agency competition, which took place in October and November 2021. Our strategic partner, Smartup, developed the creative and consultancy approach in performance and data analytics, an aspect that is of decisive importance in attracting subscribers for a medium such as El Confidencial.

Data sheet

Agency: Darwin & Verne
Advertiser: El Confidencial
Product: digital newspaper
Sector: media
Creative Chairman: Carlos Sanz de Andino
Chief Executive: Miguel Pereira
Producer: Andrea Rosenschein (Visual Noise)
Video editor: José Luis Mancilla (Visual Noise)
Innovation Director: Óscar Cordero
Art Director: Óscar Moreno
Account Executive: Julia García
Digital design: Daniel Chinea
Producer: Visual Noise
Digital marketing and data: Smartup
Account Management: Raquel Jiménez (Smartup)
Senior Performance Consultant: David Roch (Smartup)
SEO Manager: Emilio Rodríguez (Smartup)
Director of Project Management: Antonio Acevedo (Smartup)
Sound studio: The Lobby
Title/concept: ”We are independent. And you?”
Pieces: digital videos, banners, social media pieces, and radio commercials

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