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Our agency has created the new campaign “Solar Leap” for EDP and we’ve now been awarded the account management following a selection process that was managed by SCOPEN.
The new campaign in Spain by EDP “Solar Leap” responds to a clear and direct concept that inspired the client to get involved purposely and optimistically with solar energy. Starting off with “Free your energy”, the campaign encourages people to take the leap from a world without solar energy, to EDP’s new world of sun, color and sustainability. A liberating step towards green energy from the leading company in the sector.

The campaign, which has a digital focus, aims to increase awareness of the company and its bid to achieve 100% clean energy. In the words of Teresa Cristina Quintella, the commercial brand director in Spain and Portugal: “Taking the Solar Leap doesn’t just imply a change in energy source, it is also a clear proposition for a greener and more sustainable future. Solar Leap promotes a shift from the traditional paradigm to the future that starts today and which EDP promotes with its turnkey solutions”.

This campaign is part of EDP’s transformation process, whose ambition is to spearhead energy transition, and which from from the end of 2020 focuses its B2C offer on the  new downstream, offering solutions in the use of solar energy and electric transportation. This transformation has led EDP to embark on a new brand repositioning, from which the concept created by our agency has been developed.

EDP’s turnkey solutions allows its customers to produce and consume their own solar energy through the installation of photovoltaic panels in their homes, offering full guarantees and quality. A complete and essential service to respond to the growing environmental sensitivity and interest in new forms of distributed energy.


Data sheet

Agency: Darwin & Verne

Advertiser: EDP

Campaign: “Solar Leap”

Creative President: Carlos Sanz de Andino

CEO: Alberto Martínez

Accounts Director: Javier Alejandre

Creative Director: Óscar Moreno

Design Director: César Bertazzo

Content Director: Bel Rodríguez

Audiovisual Director: María Jiménez

Technology Director: Óscar Cordero

Creative team: Alicia Vilches and Pablo Mendoza

Accounts team: Soraya Zamorano and Alvaro Gutierrez

Content team: Cristina Sanchon, Nacho Bazarra and Berta Lopez

Audiovisual Team: Jose Luis Mancilla

About EDP Group

EDP is an international energy group that is leading the way in creating value, innovation and sustainability. It is part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (World and STOXX) as well as being a world leader in renewable energy. 

In Spain, EDP Group directly employs more than 1,550 people and is a benchmark in the energy market, it is present in generation, with almost 5,000 MW of installed capacity, 1.3 million supply points in electricity distribution and a sales portfolio to business customers of electricity, natural gas and services of more than 17 TWh.

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