Combatting Littered Nature Has A Point


LIBERA Project of SEO/BirdLife in association with Ecoembes.




Digital PR

Audiovisual production

CLIENT: LIBERA Project of SEO/BirdLife in association with Ecoembes.

 SERVICIOS: Creativity, digital PR and audiovisual production

Darwin & Verne for the LIBERA Project of SEO/BirdLife in association with Ecoembes.

How many times have we gone to the countryside or the beach and come across trash and waste we wish weren’t there? With the aim of promoting care for our environment, the LIBERA Project was born in 2017, a project of SEO/BirdLife in association with Ecoembes that seeks to put an end to the abandonment of trash in nature and litter, with the participation of the society as a whole.

To achieve this, they organize different waste removal campaigns every year, among which “1m2 against litter” stands out. This huge national mobilization has been held for the past five years with the aim of establishing waste pick-up points in different parts of the country, and which in 2021 will take place on Saturday, June 12.

In order to show and encourage participation through the creation of pick up points: our agency has created a campaign that using humor and double entendre encourages people to go out and pick up all the litter that should not be in nature because if each one of us cleans m2, among us all we will be able to clean litter from a lot of space in nature.

Under the catchphrase ‘Combatting Littered Nature Has A Point’, the action is integrated into 3 videos and different graphics developed digitally. The message has been adapted to different audiences (youth, adults, and seniors) and landscape types (rivers, beaches, and countryside). Going fishing has a point, Going to the country for love has a point or Getting wet in the sea has a point, are some of the phrases that occupy the different pieces.

Darwin & Verne was selected to carry out this job after a competition involving several agencies held two months ago.

How to join the mobilization?

Until June 7, people, companies, entities and associations showing interest to join this fifth edition of ‘1m2 against litter’, may do so in three modes:

Creating and coordinating a cleaning point in any natural area in Spain.
Signing up for any of the cleaning frenzies already organized that may be checked in the following map:
Spreading the campaign through social media by means of the materials created under the slogan “Combatting littered nature has a point” and the hashtag #Libera1m2:

Over 190 locations have already been organized and will follow the sanitary COVID norms established by the independent community or municipality in which they will occur, limiting the groups and guaranteeing the safety of the participants.



Data sheet

Agency: Darwin & Verne

Advertiser: Proyecto LIBERA, of SEO/BirdLife in association with Ecoembes

Product: Environmental organization

Client contact: Sara Güemes, Marta Aguilar, Olimpia García, Miguel Muñoz

CEO: Alberto Martínez

Media Team: Ana Fons

Creative Director: Oscar Moreno

Creative Team: Pablo Caraballo, Pablo Mendoza and Gonzalo Calvo

Person in charge of Audiovisual Production: Maria Jimenez

Audiovisual Production: Andrea Rosenschein

Producer: VISOR

Producer: Luis Álvarez

Executive Producer: Daniel Morata

Title: “Has a point”

Pieces: bits for digital, graphic, digital and social media

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