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Audiovisual production

CLIENT: Billion Hands

SERVICES: Creativity, audiovisual production and Digital PR

After rigorous strategic work carried out by our agency and those responsible for Billionhands, a technology startup founded by Nicolas Luca de Tena, comes a new way of shopping thanks to a technology that allows you to buy fashion products through image recognition.

In this new campaign carried out by our agency, the new launch of the novelty that will revolutionize the internet shopping market is announced: the incorporation to its platform of a search engine by image (also semantic) that allows users to buy any fashion product quickly, conveniently and easily, thanks to its powerful image recognition technology based on artificial intelligence and compatible with any device (smartphone, tablet and desktop). Simply take a photo or screenshot of the desired product, upload it to the app and instantly find the same and / or similar items among millions of brands at different prices.

Under the claim ‘Billionhands, Do you want it? You got it’, the campaign currently consists of 2 videos for digital media in which the influencers María Fernández Rubíes and Grace Villarreal act as ambassadors of the brand, recommending using the app to get the outfits that they use or that you do not know where to find. The action is the result of all previous strategic work developed by the agency and those responsible for the brand.

Darwin Social Noise has been working with Billionhands since the beginning of 2019, when the agency was appointed for the design and development of the branding, strategic positioning and communication of the startup.


Data sheet

Agency: Darwin Social Noise
Advertiser: Billionhands
Product: Billionhands App
Brand: Billionhands
Client contact: Carlota Medina de Toro, Natalia Garcia Velilla, Guillermo Puig, Carlos Aguilar and Paula Sotomayor
CEO: Nacho Huidobro
Creative President: Carlos Sanz de Andino
Creative supervisors: Pablo Caraballo and Gonzalo Calvo
Development Director: Juan Villanueva
Accounts team: Marina Pereyra and Lucia Estevez
Design Director: César Bertazzo
Audiovisual production director (agency): Maria Jimenez
Production Team (agency): Andrea Rosenschein
Producer: Good Company
Executive Producer: Laura Bautista
Producer: Rebeca Calle
Assembly and post-production: David Perez
Sound Post-Production and Music Composition: Fede Pajaro (The Lobby)
Components: 2 30″ videos (‘Dress’ and ‘Street’) and 15″ and 6″ versions for digital media

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