1m2 against the littersphere 2022

In March 2022 The Core School launched 'Most Wanted', a campaign with the aim of raising the school's profile and differentiating it from other educational institutions, making it top of mind for its targets.

Paradores invites us to Dream Again this spring

For the launch of this new concept, Paradores and Darwin & Verne have taken advantage of the time when life is renewed the most: spring. Through the campaign carried out in print, press, display, digital video and social media, Paradores invites us to dream where the magic of spring blooms.

Paradores launches its new campaign “Winter Lovers”

Darwin & Verne has chosen the Italian artist Beppe Conti to illustrate the “Winter Lovers” campaign. Snow and its unique landscapes, seasonal cuisine, winter sports and activities, places sheltered by the warmth of a fireplace and the great reunions that take place on these dates.