A group to meet more often


Ruavieja's campaign, ‘A group to meet more often’, delves into the paradox of today's society: while chat groups allow us to be more connected than ever, the acceleration of contemporary life makes many of these groups become inactive, leaving in the memory all those shared moments that made us so happy.

Through this powerful insight, we created the campaign ‘A group to meet more often’, an initiative with which we invite society to reactivate their inactive groups and encourage reunions in them. In this way, we continue to build Ruavieja's communication under its brand purpose and remind society of the inestimable value of sharing time with those we love the most.


Client: Pernod Ricard
Brand: Ruavieja
Client Team: Elma García, Javi de la Vara, Diana Manzano, Alejandro García y Alejandro Gómez
Agency: Darwin & Verne
Creative President: Carlos Sanz de Andino
General Director: Alberto Martínez
Creative Director: Pablo Mendoza
Art Director: Mikel Berasaluce
Copywriter: Tomás Cárdenas
Account Director: Ana Hidalgo
Account Manager: Nora Ormaetxea
Agency Producer: Noelia Herrera
Production Company: Visual Noise
Editing: Pablo Goldberg
Sound: Heaven Music
Music: Jose Battaglio
Color: Manuel Ojeda
Photography: Q&Cumber