The Partners Book


In the advertising world, finding the perfect agency can be like searching for truffles in a dense forest: it requires instinct, patience and a little magic. Inspired by the truffle pig, an extraordinary animal with a natural talent for discovering hidden treasures underground, we designed The Partners Book 2023 for Scopen. This edition becomes your personal truffle pig, guiding you to the most outstanding and valuable agencies in the advertising market.

The Partners Book design is a tribute to the beauty and precision of truffle hunting, with a cover illustrated by Saverio Polloni, an Italian artist famous for his hyper-realistic animal portraits. This image not only captures the essence of our little guide pig, but also opens the door to a journey of discovery.

Within the book, each agency is presented as a unique truffle, inviting advertisers to trust their instinct, to "follow their nose," to find those partners that will enrich their projects and make their business "more delicious." This approach makes selecting an agency an intuitive experience, encouraging readers to trust their gut feeling.

The Partners Book 2023 is not simply a directory; it is an adventure that celebrates instinct, curiosity and the pleasure of discovering the perfect matches in the world of advertising. Let the truffle pig guide you through the pages and find your ideal match in the vast advertising forest.

Data sheet

Agency: Darwin & Verne
Client: Scopen
Product: The Partners Book
Campaign: La Cerdita Trufera
General Manager: Alberto Martínez
Cliente Responsible: Jorge Martín Teulón
Creative President: Carlos Sanz de Andino
Creative Supervisors: Miriam Fernández Escribano y Elisa Sánchez Reyes
Art Director: Mikel Berasaluce
Illustrator: Saverio Polloni