The "Inolvidables" (Unforgettable) campaign of Paradores shows how the experiences lived in these unique places leave an indelible mark on people. To execute it, we collaborated with 8 artists from all over the world to create unique pieces of art with which we highlighted one of the company's bets: art and culture. We put people and art at the center of the idea and the Paradores experience within them.

In this way, this campaign visually transmits that what is experienced in a Parador is not just a passing moment, but an emotional experience that is integrated and remains within each guest, becoming an unforgettable memory.

Data sheet:

Agency: Darwin & Verne
Client: Paradores
Brand/Product: Paradores
Campaign: Inolvidables
Client Responsibles: Fernando García García & José Miguel Moreno
Creative President: Carlos Sanz de Andino
Creative Directors: Pablo Mendoza & Alicia Vilches
General Manager: Nacho Huidobro
Brand Executive: Carolina Cerro
Brand Executive: Laura Berenguer
Agency Producer: Paula Hinojosa
Motion Designer: Pablo Goldberg, Paula Pémat, Miguel Ferrer

Sara Jarret (UK)
Fernando Vicente (SP)
Lisa Lach-Nielsen (DNK)
David de las Heras (CAT)
Steven Kenny (NY)
Pierre Mornet (FR)
Rafael Higino da Silveira (BR)
Jesús Aguado (SP)
Carl Beazley (UK)