DBEAR: an experience to devour the TV show, literally


Disney+ knocked on our door again with a challenging brief. The launch of the second season of “The Bear”, the best gastronomic drama of the moment. The protagonist, Carmy, closes the family restaurant to launch a new haute cuisine project, which gives the series its name. With 30-minute episodes, marathon premieres and a frenetic pace, it is the perfect fiction for fans of binge-watching. And that’s where we found the key: What if they could eat the serie in every way? A very powerful insight that we wanted to take literally by creating a real restaurant, a replica of the universe of “The Bear”.

Together with Diego Guerrero, chef of DSTAgE (2 Michelin stars, 3 Repsol Suns) and DSPEAK (1 Repsol Sun) and ranked 38th in the world by The Best Chef Awards, we have created a unique experience: DBEAR. An innovative menu in 10 passes inspired by the 10 episodes of season 2 and a special pass, an exclusive screening of the new episode of the series.

In addition to the physical event, the digital strategy was key to amplifying the campaign. We invited influencers from all walks of life to taste and share the experience, as well as launching activations on social networks and giving away passes to engage the public. As well as delivering a unique culinary experience, we created a differentiated branded content experience that extended the narrative universe of the series into the real and digital world.

The restaurant remained full during the seven days of operation, with high engagement on social networks and coverage in major media. In addition, “The Bear” series climbed to the highest positions among the most popular series on streaming platforms in Spain.

This successful campaign demonstrated how innovation and creativity can be used to create a unique and memorable experience. By combining haute cuisine with quality entertainment, the campaign succeeded not only in promoting the series, but also in changing the perception of Disney+ as a high quality and diverse entertainment platform.

Data sheet

Agency: Darwin & Verne
Advertiser: Disney+
Product: Launch campaign
Client contacts: Javier Oliveros, David Ramos and Alberto Lazaro
CEO: Ignacio Huidobro
Creative President: Carlos Sanz de Andino
Brand Manager: Ivet Honorato & Carolina Cerro
Brand Executive: Raquel Ruiz
Creative directors: Pablo Caraballo, Gonzalo Calvo
Creative Team: Francisco Reverte and Miguel Angel Campillejo
Audiovisual production: Paula Hinojosa
Editor: Manuel Ojedo
Title: “The Bear”
Pieces: Pop-up, social media and action with influencers