How Gen Z consumes entertainment

The consolidation of social media and streaming platforms has redefined the world of entertainment. Competing for attention nowadays is more voracious than ever: creators, media, brands, production companies, platforms… everyone is clamouring for our interest on the screen. But, how does Generation Z consume entertainment? What do they expect from brands in the sector? How can companies reach out to them and encourage valuable consumption?

To answer these questions we present the study ‘GenZ and Entertainment’, which we have carried out together with Mazinn, the consultancy firm specialising in generation Z within our ecosystem; a report that delves into the content consumption habits of this generation on their screens, mainly in terms of social networks and streaming platforms.

Here are some of its conclusions:

  • Series on platforms (80.1%), videos on YouTube (65.7%) and podcast conversations (59%) are the three most popular content and formats/channels for Generation Z.
  • Approximately 67.6% are in favour of the platform making all the episodes available to the audience rather than spreading them out.
  • When it comes to choosing a platform, they value watching ad-free content (54.3%), and for the service to have a diversified library (45.4%) and exclusive content (43.4%).

The combination of formats and the variety of content typologies consumed by GenZ expands the range of opportunities to connect with an audience that is demanding and unfaithful by nature. According to the study, these are some of the recommendations on how to achieve this:

  • The new value of entertainment. Real and authentic stories connect with the concept of entertainment for GenZ and bring them closer to the brand’s reality.
  • The short video as a means of discovery. Short videos are the key to reaching new audiences from your terrain and subject matter. Combine them with other formats which are more interaction-focused.
  • Use long content to connect. Series, the television as a device or landscape formats are still alive. Innovate by finding ways to organically have a presence there and by adding value. Note also that the videopodcast, adapted to your themes and brand personality, is a gateway for generating engagement with GenZ.

The research was carried out with the participation of 700 young people between 18 and 28 years of age from all over Spain. In addition, the study has also taken into account the opinions of several managers who are experts in the world of entertainment, as well as those of young content creators related to this territory.

View the full study here: