The journey

HMS Beagle was a brig-sloop launched in 1820. On the second of her three voyages, she took on board the young naturalist Charles Darwin, whose work made the ship one of the most famous in history, on a voyage that lasted almost five years.

The Voyage of the Beagle, the name commonly used to refer to the travel diary published by Charles Darwin in 1839, serves as inspiration for developing our methodology applied to the brand journey, a journey of discovery, research and study whose course is geared towards achieving customer experiences that enhance the relationship with the brand.

Today more than ever, brands build their image not only through their communications and proactive marketing activities but also through the experiences they provide, not only to their existing customers but also to potential customers.

Interaction of any kind generates an experience: in-store signage and its utility, the website and its navigability, the call centre and its effectiveness, an invoice and its legibility and so on. And of course, branding, omnichannel campaigns, events and the content proposed by a brand and its ability to impact, attract, stand out and convey values.

Beagle's mission is to help companies and brands to enhance their customer experience (CX) at all their points of contact, synchronising marketing and commercial levers with all other areas that interact with customers.

For this exciting brand journey, under the umbrella of the Beagle brand (in honour of the ship in which Charles Darwin sailed on his expeditions), we offer a range of services covering:

  • Customer Centricity and Customer Experience audits.

  • In-depth understanding of each client and their needs.

  • Development of experience plans and strategies.

  • Support and outsourcing of implementation of strategies and plans.

  • ROX (return on experience) measuring and monitoring.

The Crew

Fernando Alonso Cortes

Managing director of Beagle

Nacho Huidobro

Managing director of Darwin & Verne