This January, Darwin & Verne and the generational consulting firm Mazinn presented “Spoilers for Understanding Generation Z in 2022”, the first trend study co-created with over 200 young people from the Z community, taking into account what they say and want from brands. The working group is a selection from the Crew, the community of “Zs” that Mazinn has created for research and co-creation projects.

What trends will surprise us in 2022? What are the behavioural changes that will affect communication? What does Generation Z think of all this?

According to “Spoilers for Understanding Generation Z” these are some of the main trends we will see emerging among young people in 2022

Spoiler #1: “Playing” in the new market: NFTs, cryptos and play-to-earn games.

In 2022, young people will explore this intriguing area, both for fun – through gaming – and in terms of professional development, by generating NFTs for sale, which is already happening with artists and websites such as Foundation.

One of the big challenges of this trend will be the lack of financial education and general instability of these markets. And of course, sustainability. The technology that underpins many of these transactions generates very high CO2 levels that contradict the environmental responsibility so closely linked to our generation.
Recommendations: Positioning in the realm of financial education. Create educational content, act as a guide. First listen to and understand the different financing options, and then look at how to give young people a hand. Above all, change your mindset now; Generation Z does have purchasing power and more options than ever to invest it.

Other spoilers:

Spoiler #2: Breaking physical limits… and human limits? Avatars in virtual reality.

Spoiler #3: The economy of communities.

Spoiler #4: The total blackout – digital extremists.

Spoiler #5: Memes, trends and entertainment as our key filter.

Spoiler #6: Discord as a meeting point.

If you want to find out more about the 6 spoilers, download the full report here.

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