At Social Noise, we have developed a line of Live Engagement products using Guud, an innovative real-time big data processor. These products examine massive amounts of data from dialogues taking place on open platforms (e.g. Twitter) to offer information, raise alerts or enable an interaction with the audience in real time (e.g. second screen). We offer data visualisation in different formats: real-time social listening dashboards with KPIs determined in advance with the customer, layers overlaid on streaming players, dynamic web-based infographics, real-time survey or poll charts, etc. Live Engagement services are particularly relevant for brands that are exposed to real-time social media dialogue: sponsored events, major sporting or musical events, television and radio programmes, conventions and conferences, etc.

We also offer Retail Marketing services using geopositioning technologies and inter-device communication technologies (NFC, RFID, iBeacon, etc.) that allow us to connect with shoppers in brick and mortar shops (or nearby), thus enhancing consumer experience, and ultimately increasing sales. From the introduction of in-store social WiFi to location-based marketing projects, we help our customers in the digital branding of their offline business in an innovative and extraordinary way.